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You MUST Do This One Single Thing to Get Her Attraction

One of the most important elements you must control when seducing a woman is called “reaction.”

Reaction means that in any social exchange one person is always reacting to the other. And he/she who is controlling the reaction is always controlling the attraction.

The best way to illustrate this is to imagine a boss and his employee.

The boss is in control, and everything he says and does is reacted to by the employee. If he laughs at something, the employee laughs, and if he loosens his tie at lunch the employee might do the same thing.

A woman can only become attracted when she’s reacting to you

When a woman is attracted, you can make a silly face and she’ll laugh, or if you step back a few feet she’ll close up the space. It’s like a dance- you’re throwing social queues out there and she’s following.

If, on the other hand, you’re reacting to her by putting out conversational fires, explaining yourself to her, or trying to show off in order to earn her respect, then you’re the one in a reactive state, and she is not becoming attracted to you.

How to get her reacting: 

The best way to get a woman into a reactive state is to make small requests and build them up slowly, or to make teasing type statements that make her laugh. Here are some simple examples:

“Oh you’re studying to become a doctor? Tell me something about the human body that I probably don’t know.”

“Let’s hear your best Scottish accent, lassie.”

“Hey, tap that guy on the shoulder for me, will ya?”

“If I ever introduce you to my parents we have to tell them that you’re a mute and you can’t talk, ok?” (followed by a wink and a smile)

Seduction requires certain steps, and gaining reaction is one of many boxes you must tick if you hope to attract a woman successfully.

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Mark Sing

Mark Sing

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