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Social Pressure: Why uncomfortable social situations will help you with women

Social Pressure is the Key to Attracting Women

Everyday I try to give myself a nice helping of social pressure. One of the things I do is play soccer on the indoor basketball court at my gym.

As I write this, it’s winter, so it’s the only place I can practice when there’s snow on the soccer fields, and the walls are almost as good as passing back and forth with a friend.

The basketball players always look at me weird when I pull my ball out of my bag, but because I don’t care what they think (truly don’t care), it’s only a matter of time before someone asks to kick the ball around with me.

This is a high social pressure situation because I “shouldn’t be” playing soccer on the basketball court.

But that’s a major reason I do it. It allows me to endure social pressure, and the more sideways glances I get from the basketball guys; the happier I am about it.

Take the Social Pressure up a Notch

Sometimes I even yell: “Does anyone have a problem with me playing soccer here?” to which the reply is always an awkward: “No.”

Putting yourself under social pressure helps you with women because it’s essential to be comfortable when speaking to a woman that you’re attracted to.

If she senses that you’re nervous, then you’re communicating that she has more value than you do, and as we discussed in the article: Why nice guys don’t get girls, a low value man is extremely unattractive to women.

Train Yourself to Endure Social Pressure

So the way to train is to set up uncomfortable social situations as much as you can. Talk loud, ask groups of people questions, ask someone on the bus if you can have their seat, or the absolute best one- take a public speaking class.

The more social pressure you endure in your daily life, the more composed you’ll be when you’re talking to a smoking hot girl.

A true Alpha is used to pressure cooker situations, and your state of composure will virtually build attraction all on its own.  Of all the techniques we teach, creating social pressure is one of the best forms of training in the realm of seduction.

photo credit: Sportsfile (Web Summit) via photopin (license)

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