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25 Oct 2019

4 Killer Conversation Starters for Approaching Women During the Day

Many men overlook the myriad opportunities available for approaching women during the day. Welcome to day game…

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Building Attraction, The Approach
24 Oct 2019

Approach Anxiety: 3 Ways to Punch Through the Fear of Rejection

Approach anxiety is the biggest hurdle for most men. Here are 3 tips to help you beat the fear of rejection like a boss

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Can you get your Ex-Girlfriend back, Ex-Girlfriend, how to get your Ex-Girlfriend back
23 Oct 2019

How to get your Ex-Girlfriend back

Your Ex-Girlfriend wants a man who puts his life first, and your tears won’t convince her to come back to you

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how to kiss a girl, How to kiss a girl fast, how to kiss a girl in 30 seconds
21 Oct 2019

How to kiss a girl FAST

Attraction is a bit like being under a spell, and you can easily lead an attracted woman to where you want the interaction to go.

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composure, public speaking, social pressure
17 Oct 2019

Social Pressure: Why uncomfortable social situations will help you with women

Enduring social pressure is one of the best ways to train when learning how to get good with women…

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Leonard Hofstadter, the big bang theory, what attracts women
14 Oct 2019

What We Can Learn From Leonard on the Big Bang Theory

If you’ve ever watched the show The Big Bang Theory you know it talks about getting girls. But can it teach us anything about seduction?

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