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Alpha Style Guide: 10 Fashion Essentials

It’s Simple: If You Look Like Crap, That’s Exactly What She’ll Think of You

Fashion trends change more than the tide. Keeping up with the changes can cost a pretty penny, but fortunately there are some fashion essentials that stand the test of time. Have the following 10 arrows in your quiver and you’ll never have to wear bedazzled jeans again.

Fashion Tip #1: Fitted Cotton T-Shirts

Stay away from “box-cut” shirts like Hanes, and instead find fitted shirts that hide your deficiencies while complimenting your strengths. The arm of the shirt should come down to mid bicep, and it should have a general V shape to its cut. Stay away from overly tight shirts (think nipples and love handles), and never tuck in your t-shirt. If you happen to be ripped, show off your muscles with tighter fitting shirts, but it’s best to do it without looking like you’re trying to.

Fashion Tip #2: Denim Jeans

Look for brands like Diesel or other vendors that use high quality materials (even Levi’s have some good options). Make sure they fit around your waist and make your butt look as good as possible. Stay away from trendy styles, extreme cuts, patches or seasonal distressing patterns. Women pay attention to brands so investing in a high quality pair of jeans will not only last you years to come, but women will appreciate your good fashion sense.

Fashion Tip #3: Sweaters

Sweaters combine that rare mix of casual comfort with sophisticated style. Your sweater should be soft and have a pattern that can be worn with any assortment of colored pants. Sweaters also work great with collared shirts and ties.

Fashion Tip #4: Leather Boots

A high quality pair of leather boots can last a lifetime and they look great with denim to boot (pun intended). Find a style you love and remember that the bottom 3rd of the boot is the most visible. Make sure they tie together with your favorite pair of jeans.

Fashion Tip #5: A Watch

Your watch should say all the right things about you. Get a watch that matches your individuality and try to pick a color that goes with most of your favorite outfits.

Fashion Tip #6: Dress Shoes

Dress shoes don’t only have to be worn during formal occasions. Try them with your favorite jeans and match them to your accessories.

Fashion Tip #7: A Leather Jacket

This is a must have for all Alphas. Choose a high quality leather (if it smells good then you’re on the right track) that is smooth and buttery. Make sure the jacket fits you like a glove and wear it either with a fitted shirt, jeans and boots, or even with a dress shirt and tie. A nice leather jacket will do wonders for your confidence.

Fashion Tip #8: Sneakers

Only wear your gym shoes at the gym. Every other situation either calls for boots, dress shoes, or a nice pair of well-kept sneakers. Stick with a classic design with neutral colors. If you see sneakers on the shelf that people wore 10 years ago then you’re on the right track. They’ll probably still be in style 10 years from now as well.

Fashion Tip #9: Dress Pants

When the occasion comes, you’ll want to be ready. Like jeans, the fit of dress pants is the most important variable, and you wear them just below your belly button. The bottoms should fall midway between the sole and the ankle. Ask a tailor if you have any doubt when it comes to fit.

Fashion Tip #10: Accessories

What’s cooler than a Hugo Boss black suit with a bright red tie, red cuffs and red checkerboard socks? Your personality shines through the details, and your accessories are where your individuality is. Don’t go too crazy, but a balanced presentation of rings, bracelets, necklaces, belts, socks and even earrings will keep your style unique and relevant no matter what fashion trends might be dominating the billboards.

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Mike Riggs

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