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How to Touch a Woman for the First Time


The sense of touch is one of the biggest attraction triggers, so let’s use it to our advantage…

Men tend to land on two different possible extremes when first learning how to touch a woman- they either touch too much, too soon, and in the wrong location; or they don’t touch enough and are awkward once they finally go for it.

So what are the best places to touch a woman for the first time?

The best places are the back, elbows, shoulders and the backs of the arms. Think of it in degrees of sensitivity. The least sensitive parts of the body can be touched first, while the most sensitive, like the breasts for example, are touched last.

When is the best time to touch a woman for the first time?

You should start touching a woman right when you can tell she’s getting attracted to you. You can touch her beforehand, but at the risk of coming off as creepy, it’s best to wait until she’s at least somewhat into you.

So how to touch a woman for the first time?

When you’re learning how to touch a woman for the first time you should do it in a way that works into the natural flow of the conversation. For example, if you’re showing her a gambit, you could place your hand on the small of her back or elbow and move her to where she needs to be. Or, when she says something funny you can nudge her with your arm and say “You’re such a dork, I love it.” Or, my favorite one, you can spin her like a ballerina when she says something you like.

For me personally, I like to wait until she’s REALLY attracted before I touch her. There are, however, benefits to touching early on, such as hugging her hello, but the root of my game is in making myself the prize, so I wait until she earns it and I use it as a reward.

Here’s one of my techniques to ramp up attraction FAST when I touch a woman for the first time:

The loud music in clubs sometimes makes it where you have to lean over and speak into her ear. When I know she’s attracted, I’ll say something really flirty in her ear while I grab her hand with mine. Our hands will be by our sides, so they naturally want to connect. I’ll grab is loosely at first and see how she responds. If she squeezes back, then I might move our hands into “hand holding position,” and I’ll pull her in really close until our stomachs/genitals/chests are touching. This makes the first time we touch a memorable, peak experience for her.

As a general rule, her comfort level should dictate how much you touch her. Let her be the barometer, but you lead the way. This is why we always say: “Lead women to where they want to be led.” This is especially true with touching.

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Mark Sing

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