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How to kiss a girl FAST

Kissing a girl fast is easy…

Many men believe that kissing a girl has to come after a long, drawn out sequence of attraction and rapport building, but in truth, you can kiss a girl fast. I’m talking really fast.

We have an eBook called “How to kiss a girl in 30 seconds” that is one of the many things we give away when you join our newsletter. That’s where we unveil our best secrets for how to kiss a girl before you even hear her voice, but for this blog post, a few simple tips will suffice.

When it all boils down, kissing a girl should be part of your attraction building sequence.

You open a girl, get some attraction, kiss, flirt, it’s all part of the show.

One good way to line up the kiss is when you’re speaking to her at a loud club. When you have good attraction, move her hair off her ear with your hand and whisper: “I just want to let you know that I think you’re really, really sexy” and then slide your lips down her cheek and kiss her.

You can also set it up verbally by saying:

“Why don’t you have a boyfriend? It’s because you’re a terrible kisser, huh?”

Oftentimes when you accuse girls at being bad at something they’ll try to prove you wrong.

Even though she probably knows what you’re doing, if the attraction is there, then it gives her the excuse she’s looking for to do what you both want to do anyway; which is to make out like a couple of teenagers.

When I say this, sometimes girls will come back with:

“Why don’t YOU have a girlfriend, is it because you’re a terrible kisser?”

To which I reply:

“Yup, I’m the worst. I do the helicopter tongue maneuver and I don’t understand why no girls like it.”

That makes her laugh, nudges her attraction for me a little further, and puts kissing me on her radar as something that will likely happen- and soon.

As a general rule, if she’s attracted to you, then she’s following you’re frame and she’ susceptible to your suggestions.

Attraction is a bit like being under a spell, and you can easily lead an attracted woman to where you want the interaction to go.

If a kiss feels right, then assume the close. When you pull this off for the first time you’ll be amazed at how easy it is.

Our eBook “How to kiss a girl in 30 seconds” comes after a series of other free content when you join our newsletter.

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