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How to get your Ex-Girlfriend back

Your Ex-Girlfriend broke up with you….Her loss

Getting your Ex-Girlfriend back requires a counterintuitive approach. Most guys will beg, supplicate and chase. Needless to say this is the wrong way to do it.

Move on

Your Ex-Girlfriend wants a man who puts his life first, and unfortunately your tears won’t convince her to come back to you (nor will your tears work as lubricant for sex). Show her that you’re a champion with his head held high, and you’re looking forward to what the future will bring.

Be Unaffected

When you run into your Ex-Girlfriend, or if she calls you, be positive and unaffected. Be cool with her, and don’t show that you’re hurt about the breakup.

Give her a Genuine Apology

If you made a mistake, then admit it and genuinely apologize. But keep the tone that you’re ok with moving on. Accepting that you screwed up gives her the space she needs to accept it as well.

Change something about your appearance

Don’t do it specifically for your Ex-Girlfriend, in fact, do the opposite. Do it for yourself! This will show that you’re moving on and her opinion doesn’t really matter to you anymore. Your mission here is to become more of an Alpha male (or even a sigma male). When you accomplish that, your ex will beg for you back (and ironically, you might not even want her anymore).

Date Other Women

Yup, you read that right. When she sees you with other women she’ll likely feel jealous and want you back. This one works like magic.

-How to act when she asks for you back-

When you do the five things above, she’ll probably call you and say something like: “I miss you” or “I want to start talking again.”

When she throws out obvious lewers like this, don’t take them immediately. Pretend you have to be convinced. People value what they have to fight for, so when you make her work for you it’s less likely she’ll break up with you again down the road.

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