It’s a rare thing when a program that teaches men how to attract women gets a second glance from academia, but that’s what happened last month when several notable psychologists reached out to Mark Sing for his insights into female attraction.

Mark Sing, who is the creator of the Instant Attraction Video Mastery Course, says he built upon systems of female psychology to create his method for seducing women.

“We asked ourselves why you can take two men that look exactly the same and the first will attract models while the second can’t even get a date,” says Mark. “For years we asked these questions, and the answers always lead back to female psychology. Slowly and deliberately a totally unique framework for seduction presented itself to us, and the Instant Attraction video Series was born from that framework.”

Mark’s success in the world of attraction has risen more than a few eyebrows from academia. Psychologists attest that since attraction is a phenomenon that’s difficult to bring into the lab, 3rd party studies, especially those from reputable dating coaches, offer an array of insight into an otherwise closed off field.

Understanding The Hidden Secrets

“The funny thing about women is they often don’t know what they’re attracted to,” continues Mark. “They’ll friend-zone a great guy while hooking up with a jerk after hours of meeting him and not even know why they did it. It’s not that women are evil, or confused, or any other of the excuses that men make when it comes to dating. It’s actually the opposite. Female attraction has its own concrete rules, and once you understand those rules the veil is lifted. It’s like that ‘ah-ha’ moment, and I sincerely believe that every guy deserves that moment.”

Mark and his team have offered their services to psychologists where needed. “I love this stuff,” says Mark. “If I can help scientists then I’m all for it.  More importantly however, I believe that all men should know how to get something they’re naturally programmed to want so badly. And once they ‘get it,’ the switch is flipped and they can attract women at will. That’s what I love most about sharing my method. I can’t think of anything more rewarding than helping others achieve their goals.”

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Jenna Wilks

Jenna Wilks

Jenna comes to Alpha Symposium with a Master's degree in Relationship Psychology. She brings the critical female perspective to the team, and was one of the contributing writers to the Instant Attraction Video Mastery Course. Jenna's passion is helping men navigate the often perplexing world of female psychology, and she's become one of the teams' most sought-after dating coaches.