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How Clothing Can Get You Laid

Turn Up Smart And Turn Her On

Most guys would rather dress like a mountain troll than get caught trying to be fashionable, but as much as some men resist it, dressing well is huge for attraction.

The reason for this is having good style demonstrates “social intelligence,” which is the ability to work with social situations effectively. It means people are naturally at ease in your presence, you make them laugh, you are a go getter and people want to be around you because you know what to say and when to say it.

Man, This Stuff Is Just Basic Chickology

It’s been scientifically proven that we unconsciously make dozens of assumptions about a person within seconds of seeing them. If you’re in style, it shows that you’re in the know, you probably have hot girl-friends that dress you, and you’re a driven man who has seen a relative amount of success in life. In other words, you are socially intelligent. Plus, it engages her “pre-selection” hot buttons—guys that dress well get laid, so she’ll assume that you get laid, too. And guys who get laid, well, get laid more!

If you go into a club wearing a polo tucked in to budget jeans with white tennis shoes, women will automatically assume that you’re socially unintelligent, you don’t get girls, and you probably spend most of your time working on the indent in your couch.

Look, Learn and Do It!

So find a style that works for you. Explore magazines like GQ, Maxim and Men’s Health, or websites like AskMen and Alpha Symposium. Pay attention to what guys are wearing who have hot girls around them. You don’t have to clone exactly what they wear; in fact, having a unique style is ideal, but search for current trends that appeal to you and make them your own.

The best side effect of looking good is feeling good, and women will be drawn to your vibe when you’re feeling like a champ. So get out there and put some outfits together. After all, good style says all the right things about you without you even having to. Talk about a great way to stack the cards in your favor!

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Mike Riggs

Mike Riggs

Mike is a fashion consultant who has worked with famous designers, Tier 1 men's magazines, fashion journals, and successful men who want to maximize their style. Mike excels at training men how to dress for success, especially when it comes to attracting women. Mike's motto is: 'Good style says all the right things without you ever having to.'