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NEVER Say These 5 Things to a Woman

BUZZKILLERS. Avoid These Traps

When speaking to a woman, it’s easy to say or do things that will kill her attraction. Here are 5 common low value habits that should be avoided:

Attraction Killer #1: Disclaimer laugh

Imagine asking your boss for a day off and then laughing right after to soften the blow. These are what we call “disclaimer laughs,” and people do them because they’re not confident enough to stand behind what they just said. This low value mannerism kills attraction with women because it shows a low self-esteem. Watch yourself carefully on this one; many times men don’t even know they’re doing it.

Attraction Killer #2: Asking her if she has a boyfriend

When we first speak to a woman we don’t necessarily want her to know that we’re attracted. Asking if she has a boyfriend not only telegraphs your interest, but it’s an insecure way to see if she has any interest in you.

Attraction Killer #3: Building yourself up

If you’re a champion and you know it, raise your hand! The alpha male knows that the truth will reveal itself in its own time. Artificially building yourself up to a woman kills her attraction because it shows you think you’re not enough. The sexiest thing in a man is high self-esteem, and high self-esteem never needs to explain itself.

Attraction Killer #4: Asking what her type is

Much like asking if she has a boyfriend this question is a lure men use in attempts to get her to admit her attraction. Part of being an Alpha male is not caring whether or not she’s attracted. In truth, not caring builds the most attraction.

Attraction Killer #5: Interviewing her

The most common social mistake we see with men is the tendency to ask women boring, interview-types of questions. From here forward you have to think of the initial conversation as a vehicle for her to see how she feels around you. You need to elicit emotion; and how much emotion really exists in questions like, “Where do you work?”

Attraction Turn Around

Now, inevitably she’s going to ask you these types of boring, interview-type questions, and it’s your job to turn them into fun, teasing statements that build attraction.

For example:

  • If she asks, “What’s your favorite color?” you say: “Clear.”
  • If she asks, “What you do for a living?” you say, “I work at the freak show as the world’s tallest midget.”
  • If she asks: “Why are you wearing that stupid shirt?” you say, “I know you want to take off my shirt sweetie, but now’s not the time or the place. Slow down there, turbo.”

Remember to always shift your thinking to playful. Playfulness builds attraction, interviews do not.

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Mark Sing

Mark Sing

Mark Sing is a world-renowned NLP dating coach and the founder of Alpha Symposium. Mark specializes in 1 on 1 coaching where he uses NLP to re-wire the metaprogramming in his client's heads in conjunction with tactical teaching about attracting women. Mark firmly believes that all men deserve sexual choice, and he created Alpha Symposium to share his passion with men who want to take their lives to the next level.