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What We Can Learn From Leonard on the Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory- Nerds teaching us a thing or two about seduction

As a seduction coach, I’m always paying attention to the subtle nuances of male-female attraction. Of course most shows get it completely wrong, but surprisingly The Big Bang Theory gets a lot of things right.

Even I learn some new tricks¬†from that show, and when it comes to Leonard he’s a good character to pay attention to. Here are 4 things we can learn from Leonard Hofstadter.

1) Watch his body language around women

He always has his hands in front of him- like he’s picking at his nails or something. That is a VERY insecure mannerism that would repel women. He’s fidgiting, closing off his body, and showing that he’s not confident in what he’s saying.

2) Look how he handles Sheldon (his roommate)

He’s mostly impeturbed by Sheldon’s egomaniac/anal tendencies. Yes, Leonard gets mad at him sometimes, but for the most part he’s unaffected, and that would actually be really attractive to women because it shows that people can’t get into his reality that easily. Guys who are thrown to and fro by the circumstances of their life are unattractive to women because it shows they have a weak frame and are affected by female’s shit test. The Alpha male is largely unaffected by the drama and stupidity of others.

3) Whenever he gets around a pretty girl he’ll do just about anything to do favors for her

If you saw the episode where they got a new upstairs neighbor you’ll know what I’m talking about.
Needless to say, this is extremely unattractive. He’s showing her that she has a higher value than he does and he believes that she’ll sleep with him if he does her favors. The opposite actually happens- when you supplicate to a girl it repulses her. That’s why guys rarely get out of the friend zone.

4) He pulls girls when he doesn’t try to pull girls

There was one episode where Sheldon’s hot assistant got attracted to Leonard but he had no idea. She got attracted to him because he didn’t offer to do her favors, he didn’t act insecure around her, he was cool and laid back. She also may have liked him because at the time Leonard was dating Penny, and guys with girlfriends are always more attractive to other women.
Speaking of Penny, I really don’t think she would be attracted to Leonard. Yes, he’s sweet, he does some things right, he has a big heart, but the way he pines over her would push her away. It’s funny in the show, but begging her for sex, crying when they have a fight, and doing just about anything to be with her would seriously kill her attraction. She also plays the guy role and he plays the girl role. For a high value girl like Penny that slept with Alphas until the day she moved to LA, I don’t think she would fall for a low value guy like Leonard.

Sheldon- Would he pull Girls if he wanted to?

Though Sheldon is insane, he has a REALLY strong frame, and that would be attractive to women. He knows who he is, knows what he likes, controls the conversations, and those qualities might be why girls get attracted to him from time to time. Of course his wussiness, analness, and social unintelligence would never make him a “girl magnet,” but even he has some good qualities.

As for Howard- Man, that guy just does everything wrong, especially before he meets his little blonde wife, so take note of him as well. The main thing to note with Howard is don’t be slimy and don’t invade a woman’s personal space too soon.

I like that show for many reasons, but also because I love watching social interactions between men and women. There are some mistakes here and there, but compared to other Hollywood movies and shows, they obviously know a thing or two about what attracts women. I wonder if they have a writer on that show who’s into seduction.

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photo credit: Big Bang Theory

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