How to get your Ex-Girlfriend back, Ex-Girlfriend
21 Jan 2016

How to get your Ex-Girlfriend back

Your Ex-Girlfriend wants a man who puts his life first, and your tears won’t convince her to come back to you

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How to Attract Women & Tips for Getting Girls
18 Dec 2015

‘How to Attract Women’ DVD Program Unveils Truths About Female Psychology

Mark Sing is sought out by professors of Female psychology for his insights into the workings of female to male attraction.

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Top 5 Most Crucial First Date Tips for Men
15 Oct 2015

5 Things Not to Do on the First Date

About to go on a first date? Here are five crucial tips to make sure you don’t blow it before you even get started…

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01 Oct 2015

3 Tips For Becoming an Effective Conversationalist

Bringing simple techniques to your conversations builds a lasting connection. Here are 3 tips to be an excellent conversationalist…

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