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Approach Anxiety: 3 Ways to Punch Through the Fear of Rejection

Approach Anxiety is a hurdle that all Alpha males must overcome…

Approach Anxiety is literally programmed into our DNA, but since man has evolved past living in clans and tribes, it’s a fear that no longer serves any purpose.

Once you get enough approaches under your belt that anxiety begins to dissipate. The key is to force yourself to get that experience over and over again.

To help you on your journey, here are 3 effective tips to make approaching women more bearable:

Open and Then Eject

Who says you have to go for the phone number on every approach? We suggest taking baby steps when first starting out. For example, on the first day make it your mission to simply say “Hi” to as many girls as possible.

Nothing more, just “Hi.”

Then, once you feel comfortable with “Hi,” you can ask a quick question. For example: “Hi, do you know how to get to the freeway from here?” If you take baby steps and push your conversations slightly further on each session, then your comfort will increases incrementally until there is virtually no approach anxiety at all (yes, this state is possible)

Use a different name

Be someone else for the night. You are not you. Pretend you’re just playing a role, and even if you get rejected, you were just messing around anyway.

This is one of the reasons we use “handles” in the seduction world. For example, my handle is “Tiptronic,” and Mark’s handle is “Clutch.” It’s a fun way to distance yourself from taking anything too personally.

Tell girls your name is “The Sex Doctor” and have fun with it. When you’re having fun, then she is too, and that’s the most important thing when it comes to the approach.

Base Your Feelings of Success on the Right Channels 

When approaching women the only thing you can truly control is yourself, so never base your feelings of success on her reactions, instead base them on the fact that you had the balls to approach her in the first place. When you can shift where your validation comes from then approach anxiety will be neutralized. Think about this one: When you’re on your death bed what will be most important to you? That you had the balls to try, or that you were rejected X many times? We both know the answer to that one.

Check out “4 Killer Conversation Starters for Approaching Women During the Day” for more tips on approaching women.

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Kevin Bartlett

Kevin Bartlett

Kevin, AKA 'Tiptronic,' is a highly successfully pick up artist and approach expert for Alpha Symposium. He created Instant Attraction exclusive techniques such as 'Reverse Cold Reading to Bait Qualification,' 'the 80/100 rule,' and 'Advanced Staging,' to name a few. Standing 5'3,' Kevin is a testament that beliefs about 'physical limitations' are the only factors that prevent men from attracting beautiful women.