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5 Ways to Get to YES With Women

Master Salesmen are Oftentimes Master Seducers

One of the best things to learn from salesmen is that they never let the buyer say “no.” This not only applies to the final close, but to every request leading up to it. With that wisdom in hand, here are 5 techniques to help you get to “YES!” with women.

  • Start Small

The master salesman knows that the big yes only comes after a series of small yeses. During the seduction process it’s important to get a series of small compliances and ramp up. The trick is to shoot the targets you know you can hit, and if you think you might get a “no;” recalibrate.

  • Get her Into a YES Pattern

When she says “no” to you, it increases the chances of further “no’s” down the road. Therefore, getting her into what we call a “yes pattern” is essential.  For example:

You: “So hey, do you love delicious food?”

Her: “Yes”

You: “Do you like fun diners?”

Her: “Yes“

You: “Then c’mon, let’s ditch this bar and go get some grub!”

  • Use “Because”

On the subconscious level the word “because” creates a sense of validity. If you say: “C’mon, let’s ditch this bar because I really want to ditch this bar,” you’re more likely to get a YES than if you just say: “C’mon let’s ditch this bar.” No matter how thin your reasoning may be, using “because” gives you a much better chance of YES.

  • Use Correct Body Language

Studies have shown that nodding your head yes while asking a question increases the chances of compliance. You should also have body language that is congruent with “assuming the close.”

  • Give Her Real Reason to Say YES

The most important thing to remember is that you should lead women to where they want to be lead. Ultimately we want a woman to say yes because we’re offering her more value than she would have otherwise. The Alpha male doesn’t need manipulation, but knowing how to stack the cards in your favor never hurts.

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Mark Sing

Mark Sing

Mark Sing is a world-renowned NLP dating coach and the founder of Alpha Symposium. Mark specializes in 1 on 1 coaching where he uses NLP to re-wire the metaprogramming in his client's heads in conjunction with tactical teaching about attracting women. Mark firmly believes that all men deserve sexual choice, and he created Alpha Symposium to share his passion with men who want to take their lives to the next level.