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5 Things Not to Do on the First Date

Don’t Blow It Before you Even Get Started

Even the most battle-hardened, seasoned pro can make the kind of mistake that will kill her attraction. Here are five crucial first date tips for making sure that you don’t blow it before you even get started.

First Date Tip #1: For God’s sake, don’t take her to dinner and a movie

This is the most cliché date in existence and doing it will start you off on the wrong foot. The ideal first date is creative, eclectic and fun. For example, going to a trendy lounge in your area, then going to a party store where you both put funny costumes on each other and joke around. Women don’t want the same date your parents did back in the nineteen hundreds.

First Date Tip #2: Never ask her what she wants to do

Women are attracted to men who are decisive. When it comes to the first date they want you to make the decisions and lead the way. Of course you can consult with her and say: “Would you rather go on a hike or to this cool sushi place I know?” However, the overall dynamic of the date is that you’re in control and fully confident in your date plan.

First Date Tip #3: Don’t spend too much money on your first date

When you spend a lot of money on your first date it’s like you’re trying to buy her affection. If you were a high value man with plenty of options, would you spend a ton of money on every girl you go on a date with? Of course not. Women want the fun to come from the vibe thrown between you and her, not some date purchased for lack of creativity. Expensive dates only water down the real connection she’s looking for.

First Date Tip #4: Don’t ask her she’s having good time

This is a question all men want to ask, but as an Alpha male you should assume that she’s having good time. You are confident in your date, you know you’re a champion and the evidence is the smile on her face.

First Date Tip #5: Don’t go for the first kiss without proper escalation

Many men fail to escalate physically. Women hate that! Women want the first kiss to be seamless, they want that special moment, that lapse in time when your eyes meet and the perfect vibe is struck. They don’t want it to come at the front door when it’s “expected,” when you haven’t even touched her hand yet.

It’s your job as the man to generate this build-up from the moment you see her. Break the “physical ice” by giving her a hug when you first meet, hold her hand on a high note and find excuses to touch her (in a respectful way).

By the time the first kiss comes it will have grown from a place of sexual tension and natural escalation.

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