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5 Things That Create a Positive Mindset

A Positive Mindset is a choice

For most of my adult life I would let my perceived failures drag me down. There could be 100 good comments about a video I made or a workshop I did, but it would be that one negative comment that would really stick with me.

I’m in this game because like you, I’m the type of person that wants to maximize my life and achieve my goals. I hate losing, and my need to succeed makes the failures that much harder to swallow.

But after years of struggle and self-torcher I realized that failure is inevitable. It occurred to me that I was failing MORE because I was so hung up on failure- and there had to be a better way to achieve my goals without beating myself up along the way.

That’s when I discovered the 5 pillars to a positive mindset:

1) Winners look back rather than forward

This is perhaps the most important thing I’ve ever learned about success. Winners keep motivation by focusing on how far they’ve come, rather than how far they have to go. If you were climbing a mountain for example, you would give yourself more motivation if you felt good about getting halfway up the mountain, rather than feel bad that you weren’t at the summit yet. That’s why it’s important to compare where you’re at now to where you started, instead of where you want to be. It’s good to know what you’re going for, but when analyzing your success, look back, not forward.

2) Winners see failures as learning opportunities

I have learned so much more through failure than through success. When I fail I learn, therefore I never fail. This simple shift in your thoughts will do wonders for your motivation.

3) Winners keep a positive mindset by focusing on all the little wins

In exception of some people, failure is demotivating. Most people are inspired by success, so it’s essential that you focus on your “little wins.”

One of the first assignments I give my students is to keep a “Win Journal.” This is a notebook where you record all your wins for the day. What you’ll find is that after a few months you’ll have an entire book full of wins, and when you’re down, you only need to read a few pages to start feeling motivated again.

4) Winners keep an even keel

Do you get REALLY excited when you succeed? Do you get REALLY down when you fail? Winners aren’t so easily swayed by the outside circumstances of their life. Their happiness is mostly internal; therefore life can’t bat them around so easily. When you live with an even keel, it’s easy to stay motivated because the world can no longer threaten you, nor does it hold the promise to fulfill you. Your goals and projects take on a playful tone, because it’s not “life or death” if they succeed. The irony is, when you’re not so outcome dependent, things tend to fall into place a lot more easily. One trick to “even your keel” is to work on your focus. Check out the article my friend Jon wrote about how to get modafinil.

5) Winners Never Give Up

As Napoleon Hill said: “FAILURE CANNOT COPE WITH PERSISTENCE.” In other words, as long as you don’t quit, your success is inevitable. It cannot be otherwise.

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