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4 Tricks to Get Physical With a Girl

Get Physical With a Girl Before Someone Else Does

So something funny to me happened the other night…

I was out with some friends and this girl walked by and smacked my butt. I turned and said: “How dare you!? Don’t you know I’m a famous ass model? This butt is my livelihood!” I then smacked her butt right back. It was a good one, too. It echoed through the nightclub like a thunderclap.

So what’s the moral of the story?

If a woman gives you an excuse to get physical with her…DO IT!

Many guys are afraid to touch women, but we suggest doing it as soon as her comfort level or actions give you the green light to do so.

With that rule in hand, here are 4 tricks to get physical with a girl:

1) Hug her immediately

Anytime I meet a girl for the first time I go for the hug. I call this “Breaking the physical ice.” I always preface it by saying: “Nice to meet you, we hug in these parts, so come here.”

More than anything else, I use the initial hug as a barometer. Based on how she hugs me, I can immediately see where I’m starting in the attraction process and I tweak my approach accordingly. If she’s a little standoffish, I’ll give her a side hug- it’s all about walking on the edge of her comfort level.

If, on the other hand, I can feel she’s already attracted, I sort of “hold her” in the hug by leaning back while still hugging her (imagine your arms around her lower back, your genitals are slightly touching, but your heads are a foot or two away from each other so you can talk). Holding that position, I’ll talk to her as long as I can. This builds attraction FAST because whether she knows it or not, you’re building massive sexual tension with her because your private parts are literally touching. This is the one time your dick can actually help you land girls lol.

2) Flip her hair, poke her, and spin her

When speaking to a woman for the first time you want to pretend you’re just 2 kids in the school yard. When she says something dumb, flip her hair and say: “You’re soooo lame” (in your best valley girl accent). You can also poke her and pretend to be looking somewhere else. She’ll poke you back. You can spin her by saying: “You look totally clumsy. You’re not graceful at all, are you?” She’ll say: “Of course I am!” Then take her hand and spin her like a ballerina.

3) Whisper in her ear

This one is gold, yet many guys fail to use it. When she asks you something personal, say: “I’m on the FBI’s 10 most wanted list, so I’m afraid I can’t tell you the answer to that.” Then say: “Well, I guess I can whisper it into your ear…” When you whisper into a girl’s ear make sure to breathe out slightly before you speak. This will REALLY turn her on

4) Grab her hand and move her

Many times in club-type settings you’ll be getting bumped around. This is a perfect excuse to move her to a new location. Say: “I’m getting bumped around, come here.” then grab her hand and lead her to a new place to talk. Not only does this allow you to get physical, but it also makes her feel like she’s moving into your territory which is great for building attraction.

These are some basic tips, but it should give you a few things to try on the girls you’re dating.

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Mark Sing

Mark Sing

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