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4 Killer Conversation Starters for Approaching Women During the Day

Don’t Just Prowl At Night. Be A Daytime Beast, Too

Many men overlook the myriad opportunities available for approaching women during the day. This is when women have their defenses down, you can have a conversation without shouting over loud music, and you typically don’t have to worry about cockblocks and other complex social dynamics. So here are 4 great conversation starters for places you’ll likely encounter women during the day.

Conversation Starter #1: At the supermarket

We have a vault that’s filled to the ceiling with awesome openers for the supermarket but here’s a decent one that always gets good results. When a cute girl isn’t looking, put a teddy bear into the top portion of her cart and go stand at the end of the isle. When she sees the bear she’ll look around and see you; you’ll then smile and walk away. She’ll likely put the bear back on the shelf, then you can approach her later and sarcastically say: “I can’t believe you threw away the present I got you. After all the great times we’ve had together. I’m completely heartbroken.”

Conversation Starter #2: At the gas station

If an attractive woman is next to you at the gas pump, turn to her and say: “You know, the guy inside just told me that this pump gives away free gas sometimes. I don’t know why he told me and not you, I guess maybe he thought I was cuter than you (wink and smile). Anyway, now that I’ve gotten us free gas I think we owe it to ourselves to meet for coffee sometime to celebrate.”

Conversation Starter #3: At the bookstore

Approach a woman in the magazine section with two very masculine magazines. For example: ‘Men’s Health’ and ‘Tactical Handguns Monthly.’ Walk up to her and say: “Do you mind if I ask you a question? I’m going to my grandma’s house right now and she asked me to pick her up a magazine. I was wondering which one of these two you would suggest? I have Men’s Health and Tactical Handguns Monthly. Which one do you think she’d prefer?”

Conversation Starter #4: Anywhere in public

If you see a cute girl, go up to her and say: “Excuse me; I just wanted to let you know there’s something in your hair.” She’ll reach for it, and then you’ll say: “No, no, not there, here I’ll get it for you.” Pretend to get something out of her hair (for example a huge wad of lint that you’re hiding in your hand), and then show it to her. She’ll likely laugh, then you’ll say: “That will be 10 dollars please!” with a grin and with your hand extended. When she says: “I’m not paying you 10 dollars!” say “Oh, ok, I’ll just put it back then” and pretend to put the wad back into her hair.

At this point the two of you will be laughing (hopefully) and you can segue the interaction into another opener such as an opinion opener, asking her for directions or just admitting that she looked fun and you wanted to meet her.

These are just a few conversation starters that our students have had success with. Be sure to check out our upcoming blogs about transitioning from openers to the initial conversation.


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