Building Attraction

3 Bullet Proof Techniques for Building Attraction

These Expert Attraction Tips Will Set Her On Fire

The biggest mistake men make during the initial conversation is trying to build rapport, which is the good feeling people get when they discover commonalities. This is great when making a new friend, but when it comes to attraction, we have to BREAK rapport. We want to show her that we don’t care what she thinks, we have a great personality and that we’re a prize worth working for.

Attraction Tip #1: Dismissive Body Language

Body language is a huge part of communication and most of it is communicated subconsciously. When first speaking to a woman you want to point your toes away from her. This will shift your body to either side of her, communicating that you might walk away at any moment and that you’re not sure if she’s making the cut. Once the set sticks you can turn and face her directly.

Attraction Tip #2: Playful Teasing

We have enough techniques on this to fill the Titanic, but for now you should know that you want to be playful with women. Playfulness builds attraction. Imagine it as if you were two kids in the schoolyard. For example, you could say something like: “How do you sleep at night…in your car?” Or, if she spills her drink, you could say: “Hey bartender, can we please get a child sippy cup for this girl?”

Attraction Tip #3: Reframe the Assumed Meaning of the Interaction

Rather than you pursuing her, make her pursue you. For example, you could say: “You’re really good at this aren’t you?” Then she’ll say: “Good at what?” To which you respond,“Good at picking up guys. You’ve already got me to stay here for more than 5 minutes. I have the attention span of the village idiot so I’m amazed you been able to hold my attention for this long. Well done, Casanova, high five.”

Since 2 of these techniques rely on your sarcasm, it’s important to cue her in by smiling and using a friendly tone. It’s easy to come off as a jerk, especially since she doesn’t know you yet, so make sure that it’s clear that you’re just messing around.

With a little practice and the right calibration these techniques build attraction FAST.

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Kevin Bartlett

Kevin Bartlett

Kevin, AKA 'Tiptronic,' is a highly successfully pick up artist and approach expert for Alpha Symposium. He created Instant Attraction exclusive techniques such as 'Reverse Cold Reading to Bait Qualification,' 'the 80/100 rule,' and 'Advanced Staging,' to name a few. Standing 5'3,' Kevin is a testament that beliefs about 'physical limitations' are the only factors that prevent men from attracting beautiful women.